The Best Hair Colorist Prices In Tampa

The Best Hair Colorist Prices In Tampa

The Best Hair Colorist Prices in Tampa Bay

A person’s hair can tell you a lot about their health, that’s why it’s so important to find the right Colorist. In Tampa, Florida there are over 100 hair colorist and spas to choose from. Depending on what color and tones you prefer, finding the right one can be difficult.


Tampa Hair Coloring Prices:

The starting range for many Colorist in Tampa is around $100 and up. Below we will talk about the Five Best Hair Colorist salons and how they are changing the hair Industry.


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Mikel’s The Paul Mitchell Experience

Price: Moderate

Getting your hair done is always an experience, sometimes it’s a terrible experience and the results may leave you rather frustrated. At Mikel’s, you will want to go back every week, not necessarily to get your hair done but to just be around these wonderful people. Your hair is treated with the utmost care and consideration, while you relax in the hands of experts.


You can instantly tell that they love what they do by how they treat each customer special. While getting your hair colored, changing out tones, or even getting a Balayage, you can enjoy the calm atmosphere as you drink a glass of wine and relax.

U.b.U Color Salon

Price: $100/hr

The Art of Hair Coloring just like baking is a science, U.b.U have not only mastered the art, they have perfected it as well. According to U.b.U, hair cutting and coloring go hand in hand, this truly  explains why so many of their clients have become regulars.


After being in business for the last 11 years, they are changing the way we think about hair with their expertise in cutting and coloring. U.b.U strives to educate their clients on how to take care of their hair and why it’s important. There is nothing better than an expert giving you applicable tips on hair care as you drink a glass of wine in a relaxing atmosphere.

The Wexford House & Co.

Price: $70 & up

The Wexford House & Co. is a firm believer in being a change in your community. Not only are they one of the best places to get a balayage, but they also offer a creative space for events and networking within the community. Their approach to hair coloring is one that starts with educating the client and talking through the process of hair care, so that when you leave you have the tools to better take care of your hair.


They practically invite you to come learn and expand your horizon regardless of who you are. The Wexford House always has a clean surrounding and practice the art of strengthening your hair whether it has been bleached or not.

Tribeca Colorsalon

Price: $100 & up

Tribeca Colorsalon has a few locations in Tampa, Florida, each having their own unique style and design, but the quality is always the same. They are the artists of hair coloring. With an approach to understand the client’s needs and find the best fit for your hair, they are able compete with other hair colorists and hold their own. Appointments are easy to book online or over the phone, walk-ins are available but only when reservations are open.


Each of their locations provides services for balayage, ombre, and blonding. They have thorough scheduling systems which informs you about your appointment and relays information to your stylist just in case you cancel. Tribeca prides itself in being open and honest about their business practices, they treat all their customers with the same respect and care, from children to professionals.

AVEDA Salon Norrell

Price: $50 & up

AVEDA prides itself in not only being affordable to their clientele but also providing a very high quality service. Their friendly approach will make you not only relax but enjoy your visit as well. Whether you want to try a new color or finally get you Balayage redone, they can do it all. Their products are environmentally friendly and they also offer complimentary head massages for free depending on your package.


When you are ready to leave the final price may shock you, not because it is expensive. The quality of service you receive can only be found in really high-end salons. You will look fabulous as you walk out the door and have confidence that every dollar you spent was worth it.

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