The Best Spider Vein Treatment Locations In Seattle

The Best Spider Vein Treatment Locations In Seattle

The Best Spider Vein Treatment Locations In Seattle

Spider veins are enlarged capillaries on the legs. It represents damaged veins caused by venous insufficiencies, hormone problems, sun exposure, or minor injury. They do not show any danger to health, but many people do not like their appearance. They can be treated with sclerotherapy or laser treatment. Sclerotherapy injects a chemical into your veins so the blood is sent back to the heart and the veins fade. Laser treatment either fades the veins with heat or light.


Seattle Spider Vein Treatment Pricing

In Seattle, prices for spider vein removal range from $100-$400. This will depend on if you get sclerotherapy or laser treatment, as well as how many you have. It also depends if you go to a medspa or a vein treatment center.

Natural Rejuvenation Medspa

Price: Moderate

This medspa covers Micordermabrasion, Mirconeedling. Skin peels, LED therapy, and much more. At Natural Rejuvenation Medspa, you can get your spider veins removed by use of a vascular laser machine. This will target only the unwanted blood vessels and protect the surrounding skin. Natural Rejuvenation MedSpa is a great place to get multiple small procedures done so you can feel much better about yourself.


“I visited Natural Rejuvenation MedSpa for the first time a few days ago.  I went in for spider vein treatment on my nose and cheeks.  It had been a while since I’ve had a facial and was neglecting my skin.  Jonna and the staff were incredible!  They went above and beyond what I had purchased to help bring my skin back to life.  They gave me several complimentary cream and serum samples to take home and try.  Not the least bit pushy, but I have scheduled 3 other treatments including Microneedling.  I highly recommend them!” – Mandy D. (Yelp)


Price: Moderate

VIVAA or Vein, Vascular, and Aesthetic Associates has been working since 2015. They offer sclerotherapy, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, and laser treatment. They are minimally invasive and will effectively treat and remove your pesky spider veins. In laser treatment, light beams fade the veins, but may cause swelling or bruising. Sclerotherapy involves a needle and narrowing solution and will not cause side effects except itching. Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy allows the doctor to find the veins more easily.


“I’ve been a patient for almost a year and a half now, each visit has been professional and personable. Dr. Sudu and his team walk you through things step by step and answer any questions that you may be concerned about. I’ve had Botox done several times, sclerotherapy on my legs for spider veins as well as a radio frequency Ablation done on my left leg to treat varicose veins with a 100 percent success rate. I highly recommend Vivaa to anybody looking to enhance their skin and vascularity. My legs feel so much better and my skin looks so much more radiant!!” – Jamie B. (Yelp).

Vanishing Veins Northwest

Price: Unlisted

Vanishing Veins Northwest uses foam sclerotherapy and endo-venous therapy treatment to target your spider veins. They either inject the vein and cause scar formation or minimize the vein with laser energy. Both are minimally invasive and cause no scarring or much pain at all! They have tons of other medical procedures offered at their location. The staff are actually all real doctors too, so no need to worry if you are in good hands or not.


“The Doctors and entire staff are all very nice and professional. I have had leg vein problems for years and have had surgery on my legs at a hospital nearby. The surgery on both legs failed done by the hospital. I was skeptical about doing it again but the pain was unbearable at times so I made an appointment last year with vanishing veins.  I can say that I wish I would have gone through them first, I haven’t been happier! The pain in both legs is gone and they look great. Scheduling the appointments were easy and there was almost no wait time in the waiting room. A very comfortable experience from start to finish.” – Lorraine W. (Yelp)

Lake Washington Vascular

Price: Unlisted

Lake Washington Vascular focuses on clots, blood vessels, and vascular disorders. They use sclerotherapy and echosclerotherapy to target your nastiest spider veins. They recommend multiple treatments if your veins are highly visible, and clearly explain all possible side effects. They recommend that in choosing your vein doctor, to make sure they are certified and specialize in vascular conditions.


“Lake Washington Vascular has some of the finest surgeons in the Seattle area! I’m able to reference this not only as a former employee, but also as my mom was a patient. The nurse practitioners spend time with you understanding the core problem and the surgeons are experts in their diagnosis and treatments. I strongly recommend this group for their varicose/spider vein clinic, but also for their ability to treat highly complex and life threatening conditions.” – Carlin L. (Yelp)

Mill Creek Skin & Laser Center

Price: Expensive

Mill Creek offers free consultation for spider vein removal. They ensure that they can treat all veins safely, fast, and with no chemicals. They use heat generating lasers to help shrink and diminish your spider veins. They use the most advanced technology and their own Dr. Lin is especially skilled in removal of spider veins by laser.


“Dr Lin and his staff are the best. Dr. Lin is so incredibly knowledgeable, and they have the best equipment and technology. I can’t say enough good things about him and his staff. I’ve been keeping up with my skincare for 20 years, and I’ve lived in several places. Dr. Lin is simply the best! You’ll love your results. And, you’ll get lots of compliments on your skin!” – Tammie J. (Yelp)

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