The Best Laser Hair Removal Locations In Seattle

The Best Laser Hair Removal Locations In Seattle

The Best Laser Hair Removal Locations In Seattle

Laser hair removal is an alternative to shaving, cutting, trimming, tweezing, Nairing, or waxing. It is a cosmetic procedure that uses laser lights to destroy hair follicles. It can quickly remove the hair and very specifically target the follicles, and not the surrounding skin. It can be done in areas such as face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini area, or really anywhere you have unwanted hair. Certain hair colors and coarseness will be more easily removed than others. It is important to note that sometimes you may need multiple sessions to effectively remove all the hair.


Seattle Laser Hair Removal Pricing

In Seattle, prices for laser hair removal range from $50-$1200. This is dependent upon area, density of hair, and color of hair. For example, a small patch of hair on the chin area will only cost about $50, whereas an entire back would potentially cost $1200. The level of expertise of the specialist comes into play as well.

Blue Haven Medical Spa

Price: Moderate; $100 per 10-15 minutes

Blue Haven Medical Spa opened in 2011 by Benjamin Killey and specializes in aesthetic medicine. They have injectables, lasers, facials, and body technology. They also have exceptional response time to appointments. Blue Haven uses the Nd-Yag laser and Advantage diode lasers. They charge by minutes required and estimate that lower legs, back, and chest are 30-45 and 20-30 minutes on the respective lasers. These specific lasers can be used for varying skin types. They recommend 6-10 sessions and some touch-up sessions as well.


“Had my first laser hair removal appointment yesterday — so far, I’m obsessed. Professional staff and doctors, super clean spa & affordable, reasonable pricing. Opted for underarm and bikini line removal at first, but considering how pleased I am with the service, I may opt for additional areas next time around (7 weeks from now).” – Sandra D. (Yelp)

SkinSpirit Skincare Clinic and Spa

Price: Expensive

SkinSpirit focuses on medical spa services, skin care, and laser hair removal. They even offer a 15% off coupon for your first visit! They use the technology of the LightSheer DUET that uses both laser and a suction force to get closer to the base of the hair by stretching the skin. They ensure it will be 75% faster than other hair removal methods, too. They recommend 5-6 sessions total, because only 30% of hair follicles are visible at once, so once the first batch is gone, more come in!


“I get laser hair removal done here. Yes, it’s expensive and it might be a bit more than the other ones but they’re fantastic, so I consider it to be worth it. I like to book my appointments in the morning so that parking isn’t as difficult.” – Katie Y. (Yelp).

Aesthetic Laser Center of Seattle

Price: Very expensive; $2,000 bikini full, $2,840 full lower legs; $1,100 underarms

Aesthetic Laser Center offers free consultations and responds within two hours of request. They also have a deal right now for up to 65% off laser hair removal. They currently use the Palomar Starlux 500 Pulsed-Light Laser System. They can do most skin types, but mainly only very dark hairs. Their website has tons of information about how to prepare for laser hair removal. They have many different packages for hair removal such as a bikini full and underarms for $1200 or a lower legs and full bikini for $1850. They have individual pricing as well for all areas. They also have a $50 referral benefit.


“If you are thinking of getting laser hair removal I highly recommend ALCOS. In my opinion it’s the best place in Seattle. You feel so comfortable with their staff, the office location is convenient and beautiful, pricing is reasonable. Have worked with them over the years for different parts of my body and going hair free is so nice- the lasting results of laser treatment have been excellent!” – Tiama H. (Yelp)

Bella Fiore Organic Med Spa

Price: Moderate

Bella Fiore focuses on combining beauty, science, and nature. They offer all 100% organic skin care and provide an eco-friendly building. They use an Alma Soprano 810 nm diode laser that gives no pain at all and requires no topical ointments or coolants. They offer packages for small, medium, and large areas for laser hair removal. If you join their Platinum Wellness Club, you can get 20% off laser hair removal and money off all products and skin care services.


“I had a great consult with Katie for laser hair removal (Brazilian). She was extremely knowledgable and I like that Bella Fiore has newer technology which causes minimal pain. I also had a great interaction with Wendy, the spa manager. I’m currently waiting to start my laser treatments, but am looking forward to being a client here in the future. The clinic is easy to find/park, clean, and very cozy!” – Michelle M. (Yelp)

Seattle Skin & Laser

Price: Expensive

Seattle Skin & Laser focuses on all your dermatology needs in both the cosmetic and medical aspect. They recommend several appointments to remove around 75%-90% of hair. They also suggest touch-ups yearly. They have 3 different laser systems at their practice for differing needs. The Light Sheer is used for the face and small bikini or underarms areas. The Palomar IPL is for large areas and dark skin types. The Yag Revlite is used for darker skin and facial hair.


“I’ve been to this office several times now, and I’ve had a nothing but excellent customer service and treatment. Stellar reception, and great doctors. I highly recommend for tattoo removal. They often have specials  on pricing and the treatment is very effective.” –Tess K. (Yelp)

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