The Best Eyelash Extension Locations In Seattle

The Best Eyelash Extension Locations In Seattle

The Best Eyelash Extension Locations In Seattle

Eyelash extensions can help save the daily struggle of putting on falsies or mascara. They can also help disguise your non-existent lashes if you are worried about that. They are entirely painless and can give you really any look you are trying to achieve! There are only three choices you need to make: material, length, and curl type. Essentially, a lash technician will glue about 150 individual lashes onto the ends of your natural lashes and this will last you weeks. After that, you just go for maintenance and touch-ups to keep those lashes full and perky.


Seattle Eyelash Extensions Pricing

In Seattle, prices for eyelash extensions range from $150-$300. Pricing will vary if you want natural-looking lashes versus very dramatic, full lashes. It also depends on the material you use. Furthermore, if you find a cheaper place, beware – because they most likely use clusters instead of individual lashes, which will not look good at all!

Pink’s The Beauty Boutique

Price: Moderate: $135-$185 for a classic set; $185-$310 for a volume set

Kayla runs and owns Pink’s The Beauty Boutique and has a large staff of about 10 women who are all lash technicians. They actually offer many options for lashes. They of course have classic and volume sets, but you can actually also choose hybrids of the two. They also offer a master lash artist versus a normal lash artist, so you can choose how professional of a job you want done. In terms of fill-ins, they go by week from one to four weeks, and can range in price between $45-$100.


“If you want amazing service and exceptional work, this is the place you wanna go! I’ve been so pleased with my lashes!! I love being able to just get up in the morning and go. The boutique is beautifully decorated and the atmosphere is perfect. The prices are so reasonable especially with the work your getting done. I’ve never felt rushed even the one time I was running about 30 mins late. You can definitely tell these ladies love what they do!! I always leave feeling satisfied and I would/do/will recommend this place to anyone ” – Rosemarie T. (Yelp)

Beauty Lash & Brow by Kelly Tran

Price: Moderate

Kelly Tran runs and owns Beauty Lash & Brow, and specializes in luxurious lashes and beautiful brows. She offers only volume lashes as a specialty and recommends that you get them filled every two weeks or you can let them grow out with your natural lashes. You can also wear makeup still, as long as you use oil-free removers and don’t use mascara! She responds to appointment scheduling within only two hours!


“Kelly is one of the best professional lash and brow technicians in Seattle area. Her work speaks for itself and all her customers love her work. This is why she is rated the top in Yelp and Google. Unfortunately, Yelp has decided to filter 50+ of her 5 Stars customers reviews to the “Not recommend Section” because they wanted $ for the advertisement. I love Kelly and her awesome attitude and most importantly, she takes pride in her amazing work.” – Khoi L. (Yelp).

Dulce Lash Lounge Seattle

Price: Affordable; $195 classic; $265 volume; $335 extreme volume; $265 mink

Dulce Lash Lounge was one of the first lash lounges in the Northwest. They currently have 17 technicians on-site and are constantly training them to keep up with the latest technologies and trends. They are unique in the fact that they offer four types of lashes, where most places offer only two. Extreme volume are three times as thick as volume lashes, and mink are extra soft and natural. Dulce Lash Lounge also has extended, regular, and mini fills depending on how long you have and how many lashes you need.


“This was my first time at Dulce. I was originally scheduled with a different gal, but saw Ophelia instead. It was the best experience! She was very friendly, professional and very detail oriented. My lashes looked fantastic, she applied them exactly as I described. I will most definitely be going back and highly recommend her!” – Ame P. (Yelp)

Caroline’s Lash Boutique

Price: Moderate: $120-$210 for synthetic mink; $190-$330 for mink; $200-$350 for volume

Caroline opened her Lash Boutique in 2012 and has hired on four other women to help with her work. They are all licensed estheticians and obsessed with beauty. Their lashes are waterproof after 2 days, which is a serious bonus. They offer them in a flirt set, signature set, and glamour set, as well as synthetic and real mink, and a volume set! All her lashes will last a month to a month and a half. You can get either a master or junior level lash technician depending on your preference.


“WOW! Get your lashes done by Anjenette – I can’t express how gorgeous my lashes are, and I get tons of compliments! Big bonus, there is parking in front of the salon. Very happy!!” – Zoe T. (Yelp)


Price: Affordable; $160 for classic; $210 for classic faux mink; $310 for volume

Tanya Knutsen is an esthetician and runs Lovelash. She is trained in Xtreme Lashes. She offers classic, volume, and faux mink lashes. Her mink lash extensions repel water, and volume lashes are lighter weight than other lashes. She offers bridal lash extensions at least 2 weeks before your wedding to ensure you have no allergic reactions, too. Her website provides tons of information about lash care and her appointment policies, so any questions you have will surely be answered.


“To sum it up, Tanya is amazing at what she does. Prior to getting lashed by Tanya, I had been to lash stylists all around Seattle/Bellevue — some good, some bad, but Tanya is the BEST by far. She listens closely to what you want, while also being able to offer her own expert advise about what might work better based on your eyelash situation. Her attention to detail is impeccable and I have never had any issues with damage to my natural lashes. She does my Russian Volume extensions and whenever people see me after getting lashed or meet me for the first time, they almost always immediately compliment me on how amazing my lashes look.


You can tell that Tanya takes pride in her work and truly cares about whether her clients are happy with their experience. She’s also super knowledgeable about the latest lash trends, products, and tips for maintaining your lashes between fills (if only I could stop being a tummy-sleeper, gahhh). To add icing on the cake, she has a great personality and is fun to talk to, but also gets it when you want to just relax. I’ve recommended quite a few people to see Tanya and they have all been incredibly happy with her work.” – Leigh F. (Yelp)

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