The Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Seattle

The Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Seattle

The Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Seattle

Cosmetic surgery is an art. That will perhaps be the most important thing that you can read about this branch of surgery. There are no residency programs, nor are there advanced certifications. It is a field in which passion means everything. Good surgeons would typically set aside several years to train under an experienced cosmetic surgeon to learn and relearn. It would be far easier for you to find normal plastic surgeons, who very likely have worked in the reconstructive aspect of surgery. You are not looking for those experts. We suggest you look carefully at the pictures doctors provide, their qualifications just as much as their learning experiences, as well as at what people are saying. What should not matter at all are scheduling conflicts, personality differences, and even financial considerations. The best cosmetic surgeons understand this, and often have easy financial payment plans, considering that aspect as part of overall patient care. Below, we present five of the best cosmetic surgery places in Seattle.


Cosmetic Surgery Prices in Seattle

Cosmetic surgery prices are highly individualized. They are also quite realistic, given that most insurance plans do not cover such elective surgeries. Expect to pay between $500 – $50,000+ for a single procedure, before any financial adjustments/offers.

Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery - Dr Javad Sajan

Price: $500 – $49,500 +

We recommend beginning your search at Dr. Sajan. He is a prolific cosmetic surgeon, and has been widely recognized and felicitated for his talent. This doctor was also ranked the best plastic surgeon in Seattle by a number of agencies over the course of several years. While he has also written books on cosmetic interventions, we go by the number of happily satisfied patients, of whom he has hundreds. The most common theme was happiness with the results, and professionalism. Most prominently, Dr. Sajan also takes on a wide variety of transgender surgeries, including tracheal shave, facial feminization, FTM top surgery and a number of others requiring extreme specialization. Nearly every other kind of cosmetic surgery relating to the body, the breast, face, hair, and the nose are also tackled. Also, setting a standard for transparency, all of their prices are online, no matter the procedure.


“I have seen both Dr. Jovan and Dr. Sajan for consultations. I ultimately decided to have Dr. Sajan do my surgery as I felt he was a better fit for me. I couldn’t have made a better decision. Dr. Sajan is an amazing and accomplished doctor. He truly cares about his patients, or he is a really good actor. HA. I got my implants done 8/2017 and I am still so pleased with my results. Most notably, from a patient perspective, was he precision of the incisions. He was very careful to put them back in such a way that they aren’t very noticeable at all. My implants have settled and I LOVE them. I love my body so much more now and I feel like I have a surgeon for life. I love that he is transparent about his pricing and appreciate that he makes me feel so appreciated and cared for. I have experienced other doctors (at Shape in Spokane) that made me very concerned and had terrible reviews. After meeting with a few surgeons I felt most a peace with Dr. Sajan. If I have another operation I will definitely make time to get on his schedule. I just hope his pricing stays affordable because not all of us are celebrities.” – Dawn C. (Google)

Anderson Sobel Cosmetic Surgery

Price: Call for a Consultation

Welcome to the language-friendly offices of Dr. Sobel, who comes in at a close number two in our books. Most certainly, there aren’t as many offerings. Transgender options are also silent. However, the fewer conditions that are tackled by Dr. Anderson have been elaborated upon in great detail on his website. There is an extensive patient gallery, which you should go through to get a feel for what to expect. There are options for men as well. However, we found their free initial consultation to be extraordinarily generous. Consider it a $100 value, given the rates elsewhere. Financing options are made available prominently. We also get the idea that this is one of those clinics that believes in moderate changes, which many people like over and above extreme intervention and change.


“I am happy to have met again with Dr. Sobel and his staff, this time for a little brightening up. Dr. Sobel recommended a process using products that are achieving my desired outcome. The products were recommended by another surgeon who I had seen for a medical procedure, but I felt compelled to go to Dr. Anderson to “learn” about the products/process to see if this was the right option for me at this time in my life, which it definitely turned out to be. I am starting to feel much better now when I look in the mirror and see a brighter image of me!” – Anne O. (Google).

Premier Cosmetic Surgery & Medi Spa – Lisa Precht

Price: Call for a Consultation

Dr. Lisa Precht at the Premier Cosmetic Surgery clinic is board certified. You’ll find a number of professional organizations that she is affiliated with, accredited by, or a member of on her website. Chances are you are already set upon surgery, otherwise Dr. Precht offers a wide array of nonsurgical and med spa treatments. She has a highly personal approach to connecting with the clients, something that is highly appreciated in patient reviews. Another aspect that repeatedly comes up is that of satisfaction with results. However, we did find the place lacking on a few metrics. For example, there were portions of the website that were incomplete. Also, you won’t be able to make payments online because the site did not have encryption. Dr. Precht has extensive training and a number of years’ worth of experience working in the field, and focuses upon a highly individualized strategy with each patient. If you were looking for a female surgeon, we suggest moving forward with an initial consultation to see if she is the surgeon for you.


“Dr Lisa Precht and her staff were wonderful. Dr. Precht was very honest in her consultation with me setting realistic expectations. She also encouraged me not to move forward with some things i wanted done as she knew I’d be disappointed with the results. I felt like my best interests were top of mind rather than just being sold options. I’m very happy with my realistic and natural results and feel it was worth the two trips from Spokane to Seattle because of choosing Dr. Precht.” – Michelle C. (Google).

Philip Young, MD

Price: Call for a Consultation

Dr. Young is doubly board-certified, with an illustrious career spanning several years and institutions, learning and training in cosmetic surgery, including laser surgery. He also has a highly innovative, passionate, and pioneering approach. A section of his website is devoted to his theory of beauty, Circles of Prominence. If you have come this far and find yourself interested, we suggest you go through the literature, pictures, as well as other information upon the website to understand what to expect. There are also quite a few before and after images. Most of his reviews focus upon the exceptional level of personal care that he extends to his clients. In a state-of-the-art facility – some of the most advanced lasers and techniques are employed in his clinic. His work has been featured in local and national media from time to time. If you’re looking for someone who is truly passionate, we would suggest setting up an initial consultation.


“Dr. Young is so precise and so meticulous with his work, I recommend him 100%. I have chosen a rather uncommon and extremely detail oriented procedure on my face and Dr. Young has exceeded all of my expectations. He truly cares about the outcome of his work, I could not have chosen better. My quality of life has doubled thanks to him and his team. I am definitely going back to him for any future work.” – Ana S. (Google).

The Larrabee Center for Plastic Surgery

Price: Call for a Consultation

Finally, a place that treats cosmetic surgery as art! Dr. Larrabee is a well-recognized and prolific author of substantial amounts of literature related to cosmetic surgery. He is also a highly recognized surgeon in the Northwest. You get to meet him and find out quite a bit about his background on his website. With decades of experience, Dr. Larrabee reserves his focus and expertise upon facial surgery. This kind of commitment and self-discipline is not easily seen. We cannot help but find ourselves drawn into comparing his work with others, who are more prolific and have their finger in every pie. His work is very highly rated when it comes to overall satisfaction. You should definitely go over the before and after section on this website to understand what to expect. While surgery is limited to the facial domain, there is an extensive nonsurgical intervention section. If you were looking for an efficient procedure, we strongly recommend getting in touch with him.


“I just completed my PRP treatment for hair loss at the Larrabee Center. This experience was far better compared to my first 2 treatments at a different hair restoration facility. There was little discomfort compared and he was able to use more PRP in order to cover all of my areas of need. On top of the great experience, I also wasn’t “sold” anything extra that I didn’t need.” – Daniel L. (Google).

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