The Best Massage Locations in Fort Myers

The Best Massage Locations in Fort Myers

The Best Massage Locations in Fort Myers

There are not many things that feel better than a good massage. Whether it be the stress of your job, an ache or pain that’s bothering you or a stiff back or stiff neck, getting a good massage will loosen you up and make you feel yourself again. In Fort Myers, there are a lot of activities to take part in and to keep our bodies active, so it only makes sense that we need something to relax our muscles. Based on customer reviews and overall satisfactions with the masseuses, here are some of the best massage locations you can go to in Fort Myers, Fla.:


Fort Myers, Fla. Massage Prices

You can get a multitude of services at massage centers, each that come with a different price. The average price of a massage in Fort Myers is $85 for a 60-minute session. For 90-minute sessions, they usually run an average of $100-$110. At some centers you can also get facials which run around $50-$60. Most places have a variety of different prices and specials that are available on their website.

Fort Myers Accupuncture and Massage – Sanibel Wellness

Price: 60-minute massages $79-$89

Sanibell Welness and Dr. Healy have a fantastic reputation for providing safe and effective pain relief and wellness care using the best treatments. They have experienced therapists, have a great reputation for being friendly and professional and offer you the ability to schedule appointments online. They also offer you free consultations and have longer appointments. They offer a variety of services available on their website. Walk-ins are accepted. They are open Monday through Saturday.


“I had the very best DOUBLE treatment. A brilliant and thorough massage from Ms. Kristin Marlowe, immediately followed by the most competent acupuncturist in the whole area. I left, healed, renewed and ready to live fully. For a 91 year old, it’s a miracle . Go find their gifts for yourself.” – Sidney Simon (Google)

Revive Therapeutic Massage

Price: 30-minute massage for $35; 60-minute massage for $70; 90-minute massage for $100

Revive offers therapeutic massages to help those who are suffering from headaches, neck pain or back pain. The therapists that work there love what they do and strive to have customers feel at their best and the therapists there want to be a part of their wellness journey. They offer stone massages, bamboo massages, sports massages, and four-hand massages. Appointments can be made online. They are open seven days a week.


“Joaquina is the best massage therapist in Fort Myers that I’ve been too. She goes above and beyond to ensure that I feel comfortable. I leave her office feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and pain free. She is passionate about her job and she has the massage skills to get these knots out of my back. I’ll be back for sure.” – Shanique Herbert (Google)

Angel Touch Skin Care and Massage

Price: 30-minute massage for $50; 60-minute massage for $85

Angel is a certified esthetician and massage therapist whose practices involve influences from traditional Chinese medicines and Ayurveda. She is specialized in beauty and wellness. They offer a variety of services there, including massages, facials, pedicures, manicures, extensions and more. They also have a lot of products available for purchase online. They are open every day but Sunday.


“Angel is the best, she uses quality organic products on your skin so no harsh chemicals. She also explains what she is doing pretty well. My face looks amazing after her facials. She also does beautiful eyelashes, just ask!” – Miriam Schroeder (Google)

Healing Harbor Massage

Price: $50 for 30-minutes; $90 for 60 minutes

Healing Harbor promises you relief from overworked or injured muscles that you are experiencing. They invest in your health and wellness and want you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. They offer deep tissue massages, prenatal massages, stress reduction massages, therapeutic massages, aroma massages and relaxation massages. All their prices are the same across the board. The 5-star rated massage center is open Monday through Saturday.


“Corrie is the best! Warming sheets calming oils and her massage is truly the best! I highly recommend her to anyone w/ issues or just needs to have a pampering massage! Fantastic! Totally worth the wait!” – Deborah Zvanovec (Google)

Summit Massage Therapy

Price: 60-minute massage for $70-$80; 90-minute massage for $100-$115

Summit Massage is a 5-star rated massage parlor that offers therapeutic massages, relaxation massages and other specialty services to help you feel relaxed and 100% pain-free. They also have sports massages, Swedish massages, deep tissue massages, hot stone massages and others available on their website. For more information on their packages and specials, be sure to visit their site or give them a call. Book your appointment online or call them ahead of time.


“Lucy gave a superb relaxing hot stone massage with aromatherapy. The salt scrub to the back was an invigorating feeling after drifting to sleep with the massage! I would highly recommend her. Her studio is located upstairs in Gulf Coast Fitness Center in Fort Myers but the signs are easy to follow to keep you on track. This month they are offering a discount to EMS, teachers and service employees. Take the opportunity to pamper yourself!!” – Deb Holloway (Google)

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